The team supports the Middle Gate Community by providing appropriate services to help students learn the curriculum to the best of their ability.

School Psychologist
Heather Lucian
lucianh@ newtown.k12.ct.us

The school psychologist has specialized training in both psychology and education. The School Psychologist uses his/her training to team with educators, parents, and other mental health professionals to ensure that every child learns in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. The School Psychologist understands school systems, effective teaching, and successful learning. Moreover, The School Psychologist acts as a consultant to teachers and to parents, performs diagnostic evaluations, and offers direct counseling services to individuals and groups.
Special Education Teachers
Lola Aldrich
203-426-7662 (Main Office)
Rooms 6 & 7

Liane Cohagen
203-426-7662 (Main Office)
Room 8

Kelly O'Connell

203-426-7662 (Main Office)

Room 8

The Special Education Teacher and Resource Room staff provide academic and behavioral supports to students with Individualized Education Plans. Additionally, the Special Education teacher consults with classroom teachers and parents to develop strategies to better support students and to modify curriculum in alignment with the student's IEP. When needed, the Special Education Teacher conducts standardized achievement testing as part of the evaluation process.

Speech-Language Pathologists
Whitney Dunbar
203-426-7662 (Main Office)

Carla Larracuente 
203-426-7662 (Main Office)

The Speech-Language Pathologist provides evaluations and treatment of students with speech, language, hearing and voice disorders. The Speech-Language Pathologist plans, implements and collaborates with classroom teachers to exchange information regarding the language demands of the classroom. The Speech-Language Pathologist consults with parents to answer questions and provides information regarding speech and language concerns.

Occupational Therapist
Diane Day
203-426-7662 (Main Office)

The Occupational Therapist provides a variety of therapeutic activities to develop, improve, or restore fine motor functions and to help the student perform school-related tasks independently. The Occupational Therapist may also serve as a consultant with staff providing recommendations on ways to modify tasks for improved functioning in the classroom.

Physical Therapist
Kristen Espitee
203-426-7662 (Main Office)

The Physical Therapist provides evaluations and treatment for students who demonstrate gross motor skills significantly below their age level. Gross motor skills include walking, jumping, skipping, hopping, galloping, balance and strength. The Physical Therapist also works closely with classroom teachers and physical education teachers in identifying and providing modifications, as needed, for children in their classrooms, recess and physical education.
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Lauren Connor
203-426-7662 (Main Office)
Rooms 6 &7



School Counselor
Melissa Arsenault
203-426-7662 (Main Office)